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This designer is supplied by ArtSoft but is a separate download from the Mach3 release.

It allows the use of transparent bitmaps to obtain a range of graphic effects, supports user defined LEDs and the special "slider" style DRO for things like feedrate override setting.

Apart from these enhancements it is architecturally similar to the original screen designer. .SET and .SSET files can be used in either without problems, although features only implemented in one designer cannot be altered in the other.

This entry is a stub. We really need a proper description of the use of this program when it achieves stability.

Screen4 is a good alternative to other screen editors due to these options. To use these features, use the following steps.

To use a user created DRO:

  1.  Create rectangle in a graphics creator.  Add bevel or whatever effects you want.  
      Making it transparent adds a nice effect.
  2.  Click "DRO" from the toolbar and click in your workspace.
  3.  Right-click the DRO to bring up the DRO Control window.
  4.  Check the "skined" box.
  5.  Find your created image in the "image loaction" explorer.
  6.  Click "OK"

To use a transparent bitmap for a button:

  1.  Create your button in a graphics creator.
  2.  Save your image as a transparent PNG file.
  3.  Click "IMAGE BUTTON" from toolbar, and place in workspace.
  4.  Find image with "image location".
  5.  Click "OK" and you're good to go.

Everything else is fairly similar to the screen designer. If anyone has any more tips or hints for Screen4, add on.