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This WIKI is intended to help all users of Mach3 and MachIV share knowledge on how to customize the system. This includes interfacing hardware, designing custom screen sets and Wizards.

 The blind entries in the contents will be turned on as time goes by.
Please feel free to do this if you can provide all or part of a section now.

It has been seeded with the Mach2 Customization manual and will be modified to include the many extra features of Mach3 over a few weels in October/November 2005. In the spirit of WIKIs please contribute your experience and knowledge to existing pages or by adding your own new ones. We only ask that you consider the best place for any new pages to make them easy for readers to find.

If you have not used a wiki before we point you to a splendid online encyclopedia at Wikipedia.

Lookup some subject in which you have an interest. Look at the History of some of the pages you are viewing. You may feel moved to Edit a page to improve it.

Wikipedia allows edits by anonymous users because its large user base will quickly correct any errors introduced and vandalism. Initially we have decided to ask you to register with this Customization wiki before you Edit. This is a simple process and will allow credit to be given for your contributions. See link for signing up at the top of this page.

Details of editing are given on the page Editing Help linked below.

Have a look at some existing pages (and pages of Wikipedia) to see how they are formatted and then use cut and paste to make your own.

Here is a Sandbox page on which you can play with no risk of upsetting existing text.

If you want to discuss plans for improvements to this wiki then there is a Discussion page associated with each information page. Use this to say why you did things or discuss plans for major reformatting with other users.



  1. Mach3 Profiles and Screensets
  2. Communications Routes
  3. Designing Mach screens
    1. Screen Designer
    2. Screen4
    3. JetCAM Screen Designer
    4. Flash Screens
      1. How to load a flash screen
    5. Link to forum discussion about Mach screensHERE
    6. Link to video tutorials about screensHERE
  4. VB Scripting for Macros and user screen buttons
    1. Introduction to scripting
    2. Link to VB Script language definition and built in Subroutines/Functions here
    3. Mach specific Subroutines/Functions grouped by purpose - Release 1.90.033 and later
    4. Mach specific Subs/Funcs - deprecated - Release 1.84
  5. Wizards
  6. ScreenTweak
  7. Advanced configuration features
    1. Modbus in Mach
    2. Screwmapping
  8. Mach IV (not only customization but an attempt to collect info./documentation)
  9. Reference tables for Normal and OEM codes
    1. VB Constants for Signal Names
    2. OEM DROs
    3. OEM Buttons
    4. OEM LEDs
    5. UserDROs & UserLEDs
    6. SDK Variables
    7. Standard DROs - these codes and GetDRO/SetDRO are deprecated in Mach3 1.90
    8. Standard Buttons- these codes and DoButton are deprecated in Mach3 1.90
    9. Standard LEDs- these codes and GetLED are deprecated in Mach3 1.90
    10. Standard Hotkeys
    11. Get/SetParam() Vars
  10. Mach3 Plugins
  11. Mach3 Pendants
    1. Mach3 Pendants links
  12. Front and Rear Toolposts when turning
  13. Customization case studies
  14. Debates on machine design
  15. Appendices
    1. Layout of .SET and .LSET files
    2. How to get Data from a Probe