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This screen designer was developed and donated by JetCAM.

It produces .SET or .SSET files that are used by Mach3 in the same way as the Artsoft designers but, in addition, saves more information about the "design intent" of the screens in a screen definition file of its own.

The benefits of this include: much greater control of the use of fonts and colour in buttons, labels etc.; ability to define the "Z-order" of layered objects without all the problems caused by Windows when each object is rendered as a "window object" by Mach.

Oversimplfying somewhat, its .SET files have all the static data (labels, blocks of colour, pictures of buttons etc.) as a single bitmap for each screen. This bitmap is built at "save" time from the graphic described in the screen definition file. Buttons are hot-spots defined to correspond to the correct places on the bitmap and LEDs, DROs and user labels are the usual Mach controls that are visible through transparent holes in the bitmap.

This screen designer has a comprehensive Help system with it and should be usable with little, if any, additional documentation.

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