Customization case studies

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Please feel free to add a new internal link to this list and use the new page to describe the way in which you applied Mach customization techniques.

Note: The code in this section has not yet been modified for unified numbering. This should be done when Mach 1.90 (or its sucessor) is released so replacing 1.84

In time, doubtless, some structure for the list will emerge. Do what feels best at the time!

  1. Touch Screen and panel controls using ModIO
  2. Using the Analog Inputs on ModIO to replace numerous digital inputs/switches
  3. Making an MPG out of a cheap encoder
  4. Some screen buttons for Lathe spindle control
  5. Axis DROs and other info. on ModIO LCD
  6. Universal panel notes for CNC Workshop 2006
  7. another contribution